ALTER-EE Archive

Poland (February 96): Anti-capitalist demo in Cracow

Hungary (May 96): Activists chain themselves to NATO train

Poland (October 96): Squat in Warsaw

Finland (December 96): Activism in Helsinki

Greece (January 97): Spyros Dapergolas is free!

Bielorussia (March 97): Arrests in Minsk

Sweden (March 97): March against police violence

Finland (March 97): Demos at the Helsinki summit

Albania (March 97): Situation in Albania

Poland (March 97): Protests against police violence

Estonia (April 97): Estonian anarchist movement

Czechy (April 97): Demonstration against the pope

Czechy (April 97): Czecho-Slovak federation congress

Finland (May 97): May Day in Helsinki

Russia (May 97): May Day in Moscow

Poland (May 97): Anarcho-Feminist happening in Wroclaw

Poland (June 97): Cops raid social centre in Wroclaw

Czechy (June 97): Occupation of Temelin nuclear plant

Russia (June 97): Rainbow Keepers attacked in Volgodonsk

Czechy (July 97): Vaclav Jez accused of murder attempt

Hungary (August 97): Ex-Yugoslavian anarchist meeting

Ukraine (August 97): Anarcho-syndicalist meeting in Lvov

Czechy (September 97): LUNA anarcho-feminist group from Prague

Czechy (September 97): Zelenkova squat in Prague

Sweden (September 97): Anti-fur blockades in Stockholm

Poland (September 97): Call for boycott of elections

Slovakia (October 97): Situation in Slovakia

Poland (October 97): New address in prison for Tomasz Wilkoszewski

Turkey (October 97): Osman Murat Ulke (Ossi) objector on trial

Turkey (October 97): Situation in Turkey

Croatia (November 97): Zagreb Autonomous Culture Factory

Czechy (November 97): Split in the Czecho-Slovak Federation

Sweden (November 97): Anti-fascist victory in Stockholm

Poland (November 97): Meeting of the Polish Anarchist Federation

Czechy (November 97): Anarchists participate in trade-union demonstration

Belarus (August 98): Antinuclear action "Vyaselka"

Ukraine (December 98): How Ukraine state celebrates Makhno's birthday

Poland (January 99): Farmers blockades all over the country

Poland (May 99): Action against bombing of Yugoslavia on Mayday in Warsaw

Ukraine (August 99): "No one is illegal" in Lvov

Poland (February 2000): Against the war in Chechnya: "The Poznan Incident"

Poland (February 2000): Statement on the "Poznan Incident"

Serbia (May 2000): Mayday in Belgrade

Bulgaria (May 2000): Mayday in Sofia

Russia (May 2000): Police repression on Mayday in Novorossysk

Russia (May 2000): Mayday in Moscow

Bosnia (May 2000): Report on meeting of anarchists from ex-Yugoslavia

Moldavia (May 2000): Student riots over increased transport prices

Poland (June 2000): No Borders Camp in Ustrzyki Gorne

Poland (June 2000-May 2001): Calendarium of pie, egg and pierogi attacks

Czechy (September 2000-February 2001): Repressions after anti-IMF events

Serbia (October 2000): Puppet regime and other criticisms

Poland (December 2000): Nurses on strike all over Poland

Poland (January 2001): How to survive in prison - advice by a prisoner supported by ABC

Ukraine (February 2001): Police posing as anarchists attack opposition demos

Belarus (February 2001): Happening on Army Day in Minsk

Poland (March 2001): "Radio Virgin Mary" under anarchist attack

Czechy (May 2001): Prague Mayday actions

Poland (May 2001): 24th congress of FA in Lodz

Slovenia (June 2001): Anarchist Bush-Putin protest

Ukraine (November 2001): Action against bombing of Afganistan

Poland (December 2001): Demo in Szczecin for workers strike anniversary

Poland (December 2001): Mockery of capitalist D2 march in Warsaw

Poland (December 2001): Fake statement of underground "Solidarity"

Poland (Deceber 2001): Wagenburg in Wroclaw attacked