March against police violence

March 16th, 1997

On Saturday the 15th of March a demonstration against police violence was held in Stockholm, Sweden. Approximatly 500 anarcha-feminists, anarchists and libertarian sympathisers paricipated in our march from a busy central square in the traditional workers quarter to the newly opened police station on this island of Sodermalm. This is an extremly large turn-out for a Swedish anarchist demonstration - especially with the thought that it was planned and executed in only one weeks time. This demonstration has been a sort of unified rallying point for us. Speeches were held at both the beginning and end of the demo and police presence was minimal. We had not applied for a demonstrations permit but the police granted us one at the gathering place! The demand for the abdication of the police commander in charge of last weekends brutal attack upon an anarcha-feminist demonstration in conjunction with International Womens Day was a repetitive theme in the speeches. This PIGS name is Jerry Edin.

Media coverage has been poitive - mainly with reasons of the brutal atack - although with an air of triviality. It is also worth noting that the majority of the escorting police were women.

The ongoing international protest day against police violence was mentioned in both the demo flyer and a speech. It also appeared IN FULL in Swedens largest daily newspapers sunday edition, Dagens Nyheter. The support from anarchists in the Geneva, Switzerland area was especially mentioned!


Stockholms Anarkister