Arrests in Minsk

More Minsk Arrests: Every week or two, more and more activists are being arrested and harrassed in the Belarussian capital of Minsk in a systemic attempt to quell all discontent. The latest wave of arrests occurred on Friday and Saturday (March 14-15) in Minsk. About 100 people were arrested for peacefully demonstrating. Among these were three anarchist students. Pavluk Konovalchuk was given 10 days and has declared a hunger strike. He is asking that protests be made to the General Procuror of Belarus and at the Belarussian embassies abroad. We support this call as we see that his arrest is just part of a continuing pattern of harrassment that will either lead to the destruction of all political movements via obedience or absolute repression.

The other two anarchs arrested are Maxim Schur and Nikolai M. (Sorry - it's an odd name and I can't make out the handwriting so I can't imagine what it could be.) They were given five days each.

Any protests should address the issue of repression in general but should also mention Pavluk. It is important as a well known activist that the pigs understand that he has comrades in Moscow and other places; last October letters of protest and phone calls from Moscow and elsewhere was of great help to some of our comrades who were locked up. Telegrams can be sent to the City Prosecutor's Office, 24 Internatsionalnaya UIitsa, Minsk. Protests may also be sent via fax to Moscow at 7(095)141-3467 or via e-mail to .


On March 20 a demo was held in Minsk and among the anarchists, another person was given ten days and declared a total hunger strike - Sergei Martselev.

Today, March 23, a number of confrontations with the police occurred. The authorities confiscated film and wouldn't allow Sevodnya news to broadcast it. What we did manage to see were police beating demonstrators and vice-versa. At least 70 people were arrested including an American diplomat, Serge Alexandrov, who was accused of working for the CIA. There is no word yet on whether any more anarchists were arrested, but then again, there are only a handful in Minsk and they're almost all in jail anyway.


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