Police provocation in Kiev

February 7, 2001


For immediate release

At yesterday’s action "Ukraine without Kuchma" in the center of Kiev, some several dozens unknown young men waving black flags with anarchist symbols attacked the action participants’ tent camp. According to media reports, they belong to some "Syndicate of anarchists". The attack was appraised as provocation by action’s organisers and some media representatives; meanwhile the large part of reports claimed the attackers as "anarchists" or "people who claimed themselves the anarchists".

We, Kiev anarchists from different initiative groups and NGOs, participating in public actions in Kiev at different periods, have to state that we have never heard on organisation or group with the name "Syndicate of anarchists"; no information on such organisation’s activity ever came; and no one of the people (those of them with non-covered faces which it was possible to scan) who attacked the tent camp on 2/6/2001 ever participated in the activity of the Kiev anarchist community. We also affirm that none of anarchist organisations known to us either condemned or supported "Ukraine without Kuchma" action, while some people from Kiev anarchists community sometimes participated in it. We consider the attack happened as ugly and brutal provocation against participants of "Ukraine without Kuchma" action.

Such a provocation against anti-president tent camp, while committed with anarchist flags, is absurd, which can be used only for research on mental apabilities of those who will believe it. However, the whole style of such actions is quite familiar. The very same silent young men in standard clothes, with faces that hard to remember, used the violence while detained Kiev anarchists at legal manifestation in 1997 or during protests against EBRD meeting in 1998. Now the very similar people tried to hide their real attributes behind the quickly made symbols of those who became the object of the same violent actions some times before.

We condemn the provocation that took place at 2/6/2001 and claim the state security bodies responsible for it.

Kiev anarchists