Riots in Moldova

The demos from Moldova were triggered by the government's decision to cancel the facilities for the students on public transportation. This was to much ! The living conditions in the Kishinev campus are already very difficult; here are a few facts I learned last year from a student at ULIM :

1. Everyone has to give gifts to the professors, because their wages aren't paid for months and this is the only way they can survive.

2. In the campus live people who don't have anything in common with studying; they're members of the russian organized crime.

3. The living conditions in the town are very poor. They have electric power only a few hours every day.

The answer to the students' normal demands was force. This is a result of the panic the ruling class from Moldova is in. After the republic's independence in 1991 all the power was taken by a plutocracy formed by former leaders of the local Communist Party, soviet officials, KGB and GRU officials which had romanian (they're calling "moldavian" - a stalinist invention) origin. They managed to plunder the economy and leave the people totally broke. Now everyone is fed up with this and, taking advantage of a romanian law that allows anyone who has a romanian grandfather to ask for the romanian citizenship, they did just that. About 80% of Moldova's citizens (this isn't an official figure !) are in this situation and 10% already became romanian citizens from the beginning of the year. The moldavian politicians are in danger to remain the only moldavian citizens ! So, I think the government used force against the students in order to intimidate the rest of the population.

About the solidarity demos from Bucharest; they were organized by the Students League from the Bucharest University. S.L.U.B. used to be the most important anti - totalitarian organization ten years ago, but after 1991 when the generation of 1990 demos had withdrawn itself, it slowly slept towards the far right and lost it's popularity. Now they represent about about 3% of the students. Their demo had an nationalistic significance (Solidarity among all the romanians from the Great Romania) and it was a fiasco.