Prague Mayday actions

More than 200 people gathered on demonstration of Czechoslovak anarchist federation on Palackeho square (Prague). The demo started in 11.00. Anarchist literature, magazines and benefit patches and stickers were sold and leaflets were available on CSAF's info-stand. Music from soundsystem and vegan hamburgers helped enjoy nice, hot summer day.

First speeker started reading of first of three speeches at 12.00. Member of CSAF explained historical connection of Mayday and reasons why anarchists celebrate this day. Second member of CSAF talked about new law about public gathering which is introducing by the Ministry of Interior at the moment and which could make legal demos of politic opponent of the government nearly impossible. Then, member of Feminist Aliance of 8th March had a speech about capitalist lobalisation and its relation with sexism and patriarchy.

At 12.30, people formed themselves and set off to the march with anarchist banners and black and red flags. They went through whole Prague center without any incident, even when march went around nazi demo on Namesti Miru. The march ended on square, where immidiately started demo of AFA. About two hours later demo finished.

Member of AFA tried to booked Namesti miru (square, where the big anti-IMF/WB demos started in September last year), but the demo was banned. Then, fascist from National-social block party booked this square and their apply was succesful... So, about 200 nazis gathered at the same time as anarchist just one block from there.

There were just two little incident despite strong police presence - there were 1.000 cops, a lot of them anti-riot and also a huge amount of secret ones. On the CSAF demo, two nazis with camera were going around and made picture of people under police protection. On the AFA demo, about ten nazis come and started shouting nationalistic slogan. Cops protected them and attack people with batons and horses.

Media reported that 10 people were arrested. We confirmed just one arrest of anarchist who tried to physically attack nazis provocateur. Nobody was injured.

Mayday actions actually started at 9.00, when members of CSAF and Czechoslovak anarchist association went on Strelecky island, the traditional place of Mayday demos for more than 100 years. There are worker's memorial, where leading cadres of Social-democrat party and trade unions came with flowers to remember victims of labour. Anarchist stop them and tell them that Mayday is real labour day, not oportunity for their hypocrisy.

- International secretariat of Czechoslovak Anarchist Federation