Call to action solidarity with S26 political prisoners

September 29, 2000

On S26 there was more then 700 arested. Arested people was (and maybe still are) fettered and beaten, some of them was fettered and threw down of stairs. They don't got food and water. They hadn't phone and speak with lawyer (by Czech law everyone arested have a right to phone and right to contact with lawyer). Man was fettered with rift foot and beaten to sexual organ, min. two woman was raped. One of raped women "jump" down from the 2nd floor and now she was down with fracture of spine in a hospital. Two of arested are unaccounted.

We need international support. Please, organize demonstration of solidarity with political prisoners and against incredible violent of Czech police at Czech embassy in your country!!!

February 02, 2001: victory at first S26 court

First court with accused from big anti IMF/WB S26 demos have taken place in Prague today. Guy from Denmark, who had been accused of "attack against policeman" and "hooliganism", have been set at liberty because police had submitted no proofs. State protector has serve a notice of appeal to High court immediately, which means that new court will take place.

About first ten minutes of TV news on CT1, the Czech state and very watched TV, have been about S26 demonstration in Prague. It included interview with Polish anarchist Arkadiusz Zajaczkowski, who was arrested and then tortured inside the police building. He would arrive to Prague this Monday to have a testimony about it.

Police inspection (police section for control police) has finished their quest about police violence on 26 and 27 September. They've /what surprise!/ finished with proclamation that there weren't any police violence at all with exception for Zajaczkowski cause, which can't be closed without his testimony.


Interview with Zajackowski

Hi, i'm glad that the article made it in the press finally. Me and Arkadiusz didn't see it the next day in Lidove Noviny so we thought it was dropped altogether. There was Czech TV on the train station in Warsaw and then another crew filmed Arkadiusz all day, they said they would air it next week.

So there was this interrogation at the Inspectorate of the Interior Ministry which lasted for 5 hours. Arkadiusz (Owca) was asked about all the details of what happened at the police station and during his arrest. On Scepanska street a concussion grenade exploded on his chest, tearing his clothes apart and burning his flesh. When the cops surrounded all the people, they assumed that he was on the forefront of the fighting, and when they found a gas mask in his backpack, one cop smashed him in the face with the metal part of the gas filter which broke his tooth. The cop then threatened him that he wouldn't get out of Prague alive. Then on the police station cops made him kneel with his hands handcuffed behind his back, and different cops kept kicking him in the belly all night and refused to allow him to go to the toilet, which ended with the results you can imagine. Then they had a cop who claimed to speak in Polish, but he was speaking Slovak who told him to sign a statement which wasn't translated. They said that if he doesn't sign it he'll stay on the police station for a longer time. At some point Owca just wanted to get out of there to any other police station, so he signed. The document says that he wasn't beaten and that everything was translated to him in Polish which is not true.

At the Inspectorate, Owca was given small bad quality photos of different cops to recognise he recognised two for 99% and one with less certainty. The cops of course claimed that some of those he recognised were not even on the police station on that night.

Then Owca went to a police specialist who tried to fit the found parts of his broken tooth, but with no conclusive results, he said that a DNA testing would have to be made.

From other things that appeared in the interview, there is the question why the Interpol was looking for Arkadiusz in California. It appears that the cops who went to look for him didn't find anyone in the house, and they asked the neighbours which told the cops the first bullshit that came to their mind, they said he's in California, and the Interpol took that information as valid.

The journalists also ask him why he decided to come back and testify and if he believes that anyone will be convicted, he said that "if no one is found guilty, it will be a proof of police manipulation". It's sort of the subtitle of the interview. He also said that he hopes that his testimonies will change the biased views that people have on the events in Prague.