"Radio Virgin Mary" under anarchist attack

March 19, 2001

Anarchists in Torun have organised an action against the allmighty integrist catholic radiostation based in this town "Radio Maryja" (Radio Virgin Mary). That radio has crazy amounts of money provided by fanatical supporters worldwide and has a lot of power in Torun.

The "Father Director" is scheming to take over for free the giant space left by a Russian military base. With all the local council members in his pocket, it's likely that the project will be realised. The project is the creation of a "School of True Journalism" to educate faithful journalists, and to create luxury appartments for the management of the radio.

Anarchists were present on the session of the local council where the hearings with "Radio Maryja" management were held, and had banners like: "7th commandment: steal less", "More schools for antisemites", and were shouting slogans in favour of a public referendum on what to do with the old Russian base. This caused a lot of noise in local media. The campaign will be continued.