Spyros Dapergolas is free!

Date: Saturday, 25 January 1997
This Friday, the supreme court decided that Spyros Dapergolas, who was on hunger strike since November 9, be released from jail on health reasons.

The conditions for his release are:

-to show up at the local police station twice a month.
-to be around his neighbourhood from 11p.m. till 7a.m.
-not to leave Greece.
-to pay a bail of 100.000 drs ( about 400 $ ).
This bail is unusually low, especially considering that Spyros is charged with bank robbery.

He'll be staying in hospital for a few days, until his health condition gets better. It is hoped that there has been no unrecoverable damage to his health. Comrades visited him today and reported that he's in a very good mood, although of course totally exhausted.

We are relieved now that it all turned out well, because it was a very hard situation. Spyros was sent to hospital two weeks ago but he was taken back to prison within a couple of days for he refused to take serum. This put his health in additional risk. He was later taken to another hospital when his health condition was critical.

Court decision was expected to come out on Tuesday, but it was postponed - deliberately in our opinion, they were probably expecting him to give up, since he was already in a critical condition. Media coverage of his case was almost null. It was hardly mentioned by some newspapers. The fact that he was charged with attempted bank robbery didn't help. It's also possible that it was thought that he was "cheating " on his hunger strike. Being a young and athletic person, Spyros made it for quite long.

All this changed on Wednesday, when his father went to hospital carrying a hidden video camera and shot a video of Spyros, who looked like a living skeleton. Then he took the video to a major TV station. They showed it in their news broadcast, everyone was shocked and since there was considerable pressure to the ministry of justice to set him free.

Two days later, the aforementioned court decision was announced. Spyros' determination had won. We would like to thank everyone for your interest and support.

Spyros is currently on trial and things are going bad. Chances are against him.

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