Report on meeting of anarchists from ex-Yugoslavia (since Friday 19.05.2000 till Monday 22.05.2000)

This was the first meeting of anarchists from Ex-Yugoslavia after the meeting that happened in 1990, before all wars on Balkans begun... That meeting was dominated greatly by nationalism and it didn't bring anything constructive... After that war in Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia started... and most of ties between anarchists were broken. Expect two anarcho-punks meeting earlier there were no live contact between anarchists from ex-Yugoslavia since. So in some way this was a historic meeting. We agreed (using e-mail) that this first meeting should be organized by all of us together, and that next meetings will be organized by local groups. We choused ecological village "Zelenkovac" in Bosnia because of few reasons: first of all Bosnia is on the half-way for all of us, secondly non of citizens of ex-Yugoslavia need visa for Bosnia so there were no problems about that, and of course it is ecological village and it was fitting our anarchist concept.

We started arriving to Zelenkovac on Friday and by the evening most of us were there. There were about 90 participants to the meeting and they came form all states that once made Yugoslavia. So there were people from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Yugoslavia ( Serbia and Montenegro) and Macedonia. It was really great meting all this people and for most of us this was not only great political event but also emotional one. Organization of technical stuff (like sleeping-places and food) wasn't greatest but since this was the first meeting that we organized everybody agreed that it was ok enough for the time. The meeting started on Saturday with introducing groups that were preset there... From Slovenia there was KUD Anarhiv from Ljubljana, from Croatia there were ZAP (Zagreb anarchist movement) and Anfema (anarcho-feminist organization), from Yugoslavia Belgrade Libertarian Group and GLIB were present. From Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia there were present only active individuals and no groups. The weather was really big problem because there was no big space in side of some building where we could meet so we held our meeting on field next to the village but since the strong rain that started after introduction we had to divide our selves in smaller groups and meet and discuss in cottages.... It is collective opinion that much more could be done if the weather was good, as some one said "God is obliviously not on our side, but never mind we are not on his side too..." Some of discussion that were planned had to be delayed and eventually canceled but still lot of things were done and arranged. Much was done on individual-contact plan.

Many different joint actions were arranged. Joint publishing projects were talked about, and mutual-aid was discussed and supported. We were something of a local attraction for people from around so there were lot of people coming around talking and having contacts with us. Also secret police came there questioning about the meeting but expect questioning nothing else was done that would harm the meeting.

At the end of the meeting we agreed that next meeting will be held either in Zagreb (Croatia) or in Belgrade (Yugoslavia) but we left that question to be discussed. I can say that the meeting was a great success. Not only that it showed that we, anarchists from ex-Yugoslavia, can organize something that big but also it showed that most of us have the same ideas about problems, not only in the world, but also in countries where we live. Most of us are discussed by nationalism and are fighting it as much as we can, and I think that in this hard days for Balkans it is the most important thing to do.

Ljubi i voli vas


"Biti revolucionar i raditi na snazenju drzave znaci

prvo podizati pa posle rusiti, tj. znaci biti budala."

Krsta Cicvaric