Moscow mayday

Finally 150 people showed up in the "post-modernist block" of the red-brown communist mayday march in Moscow. Sadly, opinion to boycott initiative by some anarchists due to the fact that former (?) national-bolshevik (Russian "left-wing nazi" movement) Tsvetkov was co-organising the event did not got much popularity.

Point of the organisers of "post-modernist block" was not to have some political message but to create a political spectacle in a situationist spirit with drums, colours and conceptual/ridiculous banners such as "We know something" and "Get out from the hole!". But there was also a point in the pointlesness - message was that since the mainstream politics has become nothing but a pointless spectacle, demonstrations against it can be pointless spectacles as well. Another aim was also to discredit mainstream communists.

As usual, the order was by "political correctness" as mainstream commies see it - first large CPRF, then various other groupings like more radical CWPR, and "post-modernists" as last ones after traditionally last-in-the-queue national bolshevist NBP. It was reported that the event was not a complete disaster in the political sense, since the block of national bolshevists was marching right before the "post-modernists", slightly more political part of the participators get a chance to verbally abuse nazibols always when they got close enough. There was not clashes since cops were in the between.

Originally less postmodernist anarchists planned to have their own large music festival and march far from the red-brown, but neither march not festival got permissions. Minuscule intellectual "New Left" organisation called a picket to which some more serious anarchists headed after plans of own actions had collapsed, the demo by "New Left" won a "shit picket of the year"-prize when 3 of New Left-posers demonstrated with 9 anarchists in some empty place crowded by one sarcastic journalist. So form beat content 1-0 this time.

Several thousand people participated to red-brown march, yellow state-controlled unions had their own march with few hundred people.