Russia on the Black sea, Anarchist struggle for First May - Police violence in Novorossysk.

There are many problems in Novorossysk, the city near Black Sea: corruption, poverty, really strong fascist movement, terribly anti-ecologist construction of oil-transporting station near Black sea... Guys from FAK (Kuban's anarchist federation) decided to make REALLY PEACEFUL antifascist and antiglobalist First May action and gig. But authorities prohibited them to make the gig, 2 anarchist and ecologist activists were interrogationed by FSB (Former KGB).

In the First May's eve, when activists from Krasnodar, Sochi, Belorechensk and Kropotkin (town near Black sea) came to support First May demonstration, policemen forced them to seat in the cars and they were deportationed from Novorossysk on April'30 night! And the coolest event: one guy from Moscow also wanted to support this First May demonstration and when he came to Novorossysk railway station (he didn't know anything about police repressions), he was arrested and beaten by policemen as they were trying to find a bomb he had to have! Total bullshit! Now some Novorossysk human rights organisations are trying to focus mass-media's attention on these events.

"Dikobraz", Moscow anarchist group.