Mayday in Bulgaria

May 09, 2000

Hi Zaczek, Laure, Luben i vsichki ostanali,

enough of that mahmurluk, now we'll tell you about what we did end up doing on Mayday (or didn't...). Even while under the influence of mahmurluk, on Friday early morning we managed to compile some slogans for a leaflet - oh well, sort of. We printed a few dozen of them. On Sunday night Mitaka and Tony posted them in Stara Zagora. They looked good covering the Mayday posters of the Socialist Party (ex-Communist).

We also posted a leaflet with more text about anarchism. Anton, whom some of you have met at that famous "metal bar", posted some in Sofia, even though he's wondering how someone in their right mind can be an anarchist. We haven't seen Phelippe yet, so we're not sure whatother great deeds were done in Sofia...

The struggle continues...

Tony, Mitaka, Alain