Against war in Chechnya: "The Poznan Incident"

February 28th, 2000

Members of the Committee Free Caucasus came to Warsaw on the weekend, and made a press conference at the "monument for those murdered in the east". They said that they can apologise only to those Russians who do not support the war and who will not vote for Putin, if they felt insulted by their action.

Answering the claim that they are hooligans, made by Michnik and other asses in the papers, they said that "it's better to be a hooligan than be silent in the face of a holocaust". Poznan anarchists made their appearance on several TV and radio shows, where they cursed cowardly politicians.

The papers didn't mention that the Chechen flag was hoisted on the Russian embassy's mast, cause the TV cameras didn't catch that. Russian papers write that the demo was organised by Chechens, who that way "destroyed the cordial Polish-Russian relations". Polish papers write that the action was inspired by Russia, so that they have an external enemy to shout against.

Despite of the enormous pressure of the Russian government, there has not been any outstanding effort of the police to repress activists (Russians said they will not send the ambassador back to Warsaw until they are punished, and until the Committee Free Caucasus and other pro-Chechen organisations are dissolved.)There is possibility for powerful leverage on politicians in this case, because all of them will be afraid to be seen as "servants of the Russians".

For the moment, please sign the letter that Laure put on alter-ee and send it to Russian and Polish embassies. I will send information about any repressions, and will provide fax numbers to prosecutors in Poznan in case a wider campaign should be necessary.

A parlamentarian said that Russians are themselves sullying their flag, and should replace it with a black flag with skull and bones.

Papers write that the action at the Polish consulate in Petersburg organised by "Russian Students" included throwing money to the embassy mailbox, 1200 zlotys, being "the current equivalent of the 30 silver coins Judas received to betray Jesus" (cause Poles betrayed the Slavs). Demos in Moscow at Polish embassy included Kossaks, who burned Polish flags.

The director of the Chechen information centre in Poland said that once again Poles have shown to be faithful friends of the Chechens.

The newly formed "Polish-Russian Anarchist Friendship Society" will shortly translate the text of a lecture made by Mr. Cherkasov, member of Memorial, who has studied the story of the relations between field commanders in Chechnya, many of whom have read anarchist classics smuggled to Chechnya by dark forces for many years now.

They were those, whom Basayev wanted to eliminate first, and possibly they are dead in Grozny now. Perhaps Basayev's blown-off foot is only a cover-up for the way in which he traded Chechnya to Berezovsky, to become the biggest war lord.

During the the anti-war manifestation in Moscow, the crowd expressed their solidarity with the anti-war protesters in Poland, whose activity was presented by a member of Polish Anarchist Federation.

One anarchist with a particularily black kind of humour said that the "Poznan Incident" (one in a long line of international scandals called by that name) has shown to be the most succesful anarchist provocation since the times of Gavrilo Princip.