Statement on the "Poznan Incident"

The State is the Worst Terrorist - No Apologies Ever!

On the night of Feb. 23, a group of anarchists from Poznan held a demonstration in front of the Russian Consulate. During the action, demonstrators entered the terrain of the consulate and tore down the Russian flag, tearing and treading on it; they also defaced the consulate by spraypainting swastikas on it. This action resulted in an international scandal as the Russian government demanded an official apology from the Polish one, punishment against the demonstrators, a crackdown on Chechen and pro-Chechen activity in Poland and an end to all such protest. The State Duma has labelled the incident "an act of international terrorism".

In response to the Poznan action, extreme nationalists from the National Bolshevik Party firebombed the Polish Embassy in Moscow on the night of Feb. 25. The next day, over 200 thugs, including Cossacks and fascists in military uniforms, attacked the embassy again, throwing things and setting the Polish flag on fire.

We, as anarchists, would like to declare that the Polish government cannot apolgise for our actions. No apologies are due. We see the bombing of Chechnya and Russia's murder of innocent civilians as a crime against humanity. For this, the Russian authorities should apologise to the world; any protest against this war is nothing more than justified.

As anarchists, we do not hate any people because of their nationality but we also do not respect any national flags, regardless of whom they belong to. The action in Poznan was not directed against Russian people, many of whom also oppose this filthy war, but was directed against the actions of the Russian government. They have no right to be outraged at these actions; they are a normal response to their outrageous war and inhuman activity. Citizens of the world must raise their voices to protest any time a government takes miltary action against people, no matter which government it is. We anarchists see ourselves as citizens of the world but subjects of no government. No government has the right to speak for us, no less the right to apologize for us.

We demand that the Russian government stop their war in Chechnya and leave those people to determine their own affairs on their own territory. We say to hell with the Duma amd their warped conception of "international terrorism". They are the bandits and terrorists. We say to the National Bolsheviks that if they really loved their country so much, they should take action to stop their government's criminal activity instead of fighting a war of diversion. We will not fight for any governments or their flags, we will not fight in the interests of the state. The interest of the state and the people are never the same thing.


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