Meeting of the Polish Anarchist Federation

November 8th, 1997
As usual, the meeting was very pleasant. At first it was extremely chaotic and drunkenly disorganised, but soon some form of spontaneous organisation appeared, as we continued to sip our beers.

Some of the most important topics were:

- the coordination of the postering action against the police hour for people less than 18 years;

- the project of an international protest camp next summer near Mogilew in Bielorussia, where Lukashenko wants to build a nuclear power plant - no more info for the moment, i have to wait Stanislaw Gorka comes back from Russia, and tells me what info can be disclosed in public - what is clear is that it is something that can open Alter-EE to the east, to our benefit, and to the benefit of the action.

- admission of a new section to F.A. from Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski;

- introduction of a group from Tychy (Silesia) - the group has to wait 1 year to be fully admitted, as with every new group (this is to see what those people really are);

- invitation to workshops that will be organised in Rozbrat squat in Poznan, with activists from Earth First from England, who will show how to make tree houses and ground tunnels (in spring next year, probably the construction of the first highway in Poland will start - we want to be ready to block it); they will also show the squatters how to install wind and solar generators for the energy needs of the squat (they have to pay for electricity - they were stealing it for some time, but it's no longer possible).

- project of other workshops in Rozbrat concerning our idea of creating a network of worker collectives - we want to invite a shoe making collective from Cracow, and other people who know artisanry or have some useful technical knowledge.

- for the moment we decided not to join the International of Anarchist Federations (I.F.A.), not because we are not interested in making contacts with western comrades, but because we are trying to make smaller, regional federations, and not bigger and bigger ones. (There are already two regional micro-federations in Poland: in the region of Poznan, and in the region of Radom-Kielce, we're trying to make one in Warsaw and small cities around it - maybe with Lodz, and Krakow and Rzeszow are trying to make their "Black Galicia"). We sometimes feel that our polish federation is already too much centralised.

The next meeting will be in May in Podkowa Lesna, near Warsaw.