Anti-fascist victory in Stockholm

November 8th, 1997
today, swedish nazis under the name of nsf, national socialist front, planned to honour their "fallen comrades" as well as protest against the consolidated publishing firm, bonniers, which is owned by a jewish family. although in no way favouring the liberal media, radical anti-fascists decided not to allow a platform for the nazis.

approximately 350 anti-fascists gathered in central stockholm to prevent the planned march and one hour before the planned nazi demonstration anti-fascists had occupied the proposed gathering point. police presence was minimal in relation to similar events in the month of november in recent years. nazis circulated in the area with no apparent alternate gathering point and many were sternly told to remove themselves from the vicinity. at one point a group of 30 suicidal nazis attacked the anti-fascists and were effectively repulsed and forced to take cover behind police lines. the total of 86 nazis finally managed to gather themselves in front of stockholms central train station and march under police protection in the direction away from the anti-fascists and their original destination, the bonniers publishing house. the nazis did not have the strength to execute their plans. upon learning of the nazis position the anti-fascists set themselves in pursuit and small street skirmishes then occurred with police who were determined to keep the two groups separated. the hunt led itself over a larger part of the city and approximately 150 anti-fascists made their way to the island of svdermalm where they chased the nazis into the local commuter train station. the nazis managed to catch a train just in time and avoided being taught the lesson that their fallen comrades already know. the police arrived on the scene and attempted to seal in the anti-fascists in the underground train station. the best defence is an offence and half of the anti-fascists were able to exit the train station by charging the weak police lines. the other half were held, frisked and then released without going through an identity control. three anti-fascists were arrested on charges of inciting to riot but were soon released. four police were injured.

other skirmishes with nazis, police and anti-fascists occurred in the swedish towns of uddevalla (anti-fascists 1, nazis 0) and trollhdttan (anti-fascists 1, police 1, nazis 0). a nazi demonstration was even planned in oslo, norway. tomorrow, november 9, is the anniversary of crystal night and an anti-fascist demonstration is scheduled for stockholms city centre.

-fvr revolution i ver livstid-