Split in the Czecho-Slovak Federation

November 1997
The long lasting conflict between socially orientated wing of the former CSAF (Anarcho-syndicalist Faction plus some local groups) with the synthesist and often pro-reformist attitude of mainly moravian region resulted in the split in the Czechoslovak Anarchist Federation during the 5th congress. The two groups learned, that their approaches are incompatible and the better solution is to divide in two organisations, than to stay in one, continually squabbling. Although the differences between these two streams are very sharp, the split was realised in a moderate and absolutely nonviolent way. The old magazine of CAF(CSAF) - SVOBODNA MYSL was closed down, but the social wing - nowadays the Federation of Social Anarchists (FSA-IWA) will continue in this tradition under the title of SVOBODNA PRACE (Free Labour), because the SVOBODNA MYSL was maintained by the members of the social wing. All funds and technical equipment was divided equally to the contribution of both wings.

The new "CSAF" (synthesist and reformist wing) will probably publish the new magazine, called "Existence". More detailed report will be written and approved as the official document on the FSA preliminary meeting, taking place 25.-27.10.


Between 25. and 28th October the FSA-Prague organised first small meeting to solve some most urgent problems after the split in the old CSAF. It was not a congress, but a workshop, where we discussed our basic strategy in the future. We do not think, that the new "CSAF" is the same organisations as before, for instance in claims to be "Czechoslovak", but has got no members in Slovakia, because all of them joined the F.S.A. Therefore we do not consider this organisation to be the "Czechoslovak Anarchist Federation", it is rather a some indifferent mixture of old CSAF remnants and "new" groups, mostly green "anarchist" and lifestylist. Therefore be aware of the new "CSAF", it is not the same as before the 5th congress. We discussed the FSA Principles and Programme Manifesto and definitely decided, that we will use the previous materials of Anarcho-syndicalist Faction without any substantial changes.

We also solved a lot of practical problems, for instance publishing of our magazine "Free Labour" /former "Svobodna Mysl"/, Internal bulletin etc. After long discussion we also passed more detailed report about the split, which is currently being translated and will be available on the IFA/IAF congress in Lyon, which delegation of our International secretariat will attend. There is one more thing: we spotted some reports on the E-mail conferences, saying, that the FSA did "separate" from the CSAF or "left the federation". This is not true. We did not insist on the possession of the name /CSAF/, because it would produce useless problems and bitter quarrels. Moreover the present FSA members are mostly those, who founded the old federation in August 1995 and were almost the only socially active in the organisation. We therefore declare, that neither FSA nor the "CSAF" has got some exclusive copyright to the activity of old federation.

We bring you the list of former CSAF groups and regions with indication of actual status /FSA or "CSAF"/:

AS - stands for "autonomni skupina" - autonomous group
b. stands for "bunka" - cell

Prague region - 90% joined the FSA
b. Cesky Brod - FSA
b. Slany - "CSAF"
b. Mlada Boleslav - still unknown
b. Liberec - still unknown
b. Pardubice - "CSAF"
b. Plzen - mostly "CSAF"
b. Vrchlabi - "CSAF"
Moravian region - mostly "CSAF", some still unknown
b. Bratislava /Slovakia/ - FSA
AS Kosice /Slovakia/ - FSA
b. Moldava /Slovakia/ - FSA