Osman Murat Ulke

October 9th, 1997
As it was declared before, on the 9th of October Osman Murat Ulke was again in the Military Court in Eskisehir. Three representatives coming from German Peace Association and Amnesty International for the trial were not allowed to watch the trial.

In this trial Osman Murat Ulke made a speech to defend himself against the claims of "insisting on disobeying orders." He told that the trial was about "disobeying orders" but in fact his attitude was a more comprehensive one; he was a conscientious objector to military service. He stressed that he was claimed as "insisting on disobeying orders" but in fact this was a vicious circle which was due to the lack of any military rule defining "conscientious objectors."

The trial was postponed to 23th of October for the final decision but Osman Murat Ulke sent to the jail because of the former decision of the court giving him a punishment of five months for "disobeying orders" and "escaping (from military service." Ironically there is a little problem, the time he spent in jail during the period of judgement was enough for that (more than five months) but however he was re-arrested and sent to jail. His lawyers stressed this fact and if their idea is accepted he will perhaps be sent to the Military Base locating in Bilecik to do his "military service."

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