New address in prison for Tomasz Wilkoszewski

October 1997
There's a new address for the polish anti-fascist who was sentenced to 15 years for killing a nazi in self-defence.


Tomasz Wilkoszewski
Zaklad Karny, ul. Ciupagi 1
03-016 Warszawa - Bialoleka

I don't know if he knows english well, but please send him any kind of zines or whatever. Not only will it improve his spirits, but also it might make him better respected by other prisoners and by the pigs. (Other prisoners are a bigger problem in Poland, because of the vicious prison subculture - i didn't have any information about him being mistreated by other inmates, but it might happen if he's not lucky)

The appelation of the defence has been rejected by a higher instance court, but there's still a couple of steps. There is some kind of tribunal that can cancel the sentence, and also the president can do it.

Anti-fascist activists will try to use some politicians to support this effort. (In this kind of situation, the debate whether amarchists should use such methods is pointless, if you consider it from the point of view of somebody who's facing a dozen years in jail!)

There are some politicians who will probably help, because some of them have been activists before they sold out to the system, and some of us still have contacts with them.