Situation in Slovakia

October 1997
I was there just three days. I think politics there are very hard. There are a lot of autonomous/ anarchists from, but situation to do there some activities by anarchistics way is very hard.

Slovakian anarchists were building squats and centres three years ago, but because there are a lot of fascists who destroy it they are more nihilistics. Otherwise I feel that Solakia is a police/fascists state, parliament politics there is very similar to Le Pen.

Primator of Zilina town mr. Slota are big friend of Le Pen, now he is trying a new law on home depende around Zilina. He would like to build there some as people militions with guns etc. against criminality. I think in a Slovakia is not exist biggest anarchists movement as here.

I think in Prague are different conditions to build anarchists movement as politics and policemen as laws here are softly than in a Slovakian republic.

Good activities there is doing SVOBODA ZVIERAT (animal freedom organisation) but now isn't it anarchistics but anarchists are working there. Svoboda zvierat is organisation to help animals they are building "dog house" but as I know conditions I understand that it's building as state profesional organisation. I think Slovakian government is controled all around so build there squat or do there some activities against state is too hard.

There is a new law for depence of Slovakian Republic, it isn't nothing more than law against anarchists, squatters and other autonomous. I think majority of Slovakian public is believe to their leaders, so it isn't problem there to destroy all illegally / alternative activities.

Probably there exits some small anarchists movement in a west of Slovakia, and punk in east. But majority of public in a middle is fascists / religious. As I haven't good feelings from it I know that people around Slovakian anarchists/autonomous movement are very kind and good. majority are young (as me ha-ha) around 20 - 25 years.

I think that tries for activities there almost finished by unsuscesses because laws there allow to the police and fascists to damage these things. From this reason most of anarchists are not seen in the public life. Movement there is concentrated around punk and alternative concerts. The only place where these people can meet is either some popular pub, these concerts or probably offices of Svoboda zvierat. (in Bratislava)

David Pickard