Call for boycott of parlamentary elections

September 1997
Well, the posters were printed in big numbers in one place and distributed to almost every city in poland,and people were putting them on the walls until the last day before elections, dodging police patrols who were tearing the posters down.

Also, when some shit sort of preliminary elections were made in one small city - with lots of press coverage - the anarchist federation (with people from Slupsk, Gdansk and Poznan) had a stand calling for the boycott of elections. I'm told that they also had a fight with some youngsters from the post-stalinist party.

The posters said: "You can elect the scum that's going to be lying to you and is going to be stealing from you. Have a beer instead and go to party (beer party not political) with your friends"


By the way, the elections were won by a coalition that calls itself "Solidarity" and pretends to have something in common with the Solidarity movement of the 80's. It's a catholic-fundamentalist-socialist party, if you can figure that.

People turn-out at the elections was pretty low, like 48%.