Anarcho-Feminist happening in Wroclaw

May 31st, 1997
The happening was organised on the occasion of the pope's visit to the city of Wroclaw. All was pretty spontaneous. There was a row of blue police cars, the sheep were going to church, and we were beginning our happening.

We were dressed as little girls in pretty advanced pregnancy, playing children's play before the cathedral and eating lollipops. When arrived the archibishop of Wroclaw we pierced our fake bellies with needles spreading "blood", and to the bishop we showed banners with the 3 K: "Kinder", "Kuche", "Kirche" (children, kitchen, church).

The next day we wanted to repeat the happening, but most of the anarchists were arrested by the police, including my happening comrades Claudia from FA-Poznan and Milka from FA-Warszawa.