Anti-fur blockades in Stockholm

September 20th, 1997
today two anti-fur blockades were held in central stockholm outside of fur boutiques. about one hundred anarchists, militant-vegans and animal rights activists attempted to disturb the heavy saturday shopping at two of stockholms more popular fur boutiques. police presence was massive.

at the first boutiques five arrests were made after the boutique windows were pelted with red paint bombs. the police then cordoned off the entire block on this major outdoor pedestrian shopping mall, drottninggatan. people with attire resembling that of "activists" were searched an identified in the surrounding area.

shortly thereafter the blockade had moved itself to the affluent shopping area around norrmalmstorg. the police presence had been reinforced at this point and included two of swedens anti-terrorist units. one passer-by described the situation as "100 body builders bullying 50 teenagers." at this point another fifteen arrests were made, including shock attacks into the surrounding crowds in order to arrest individuals. plain clothes policemen were more active than is usual in comparison to other such situations in sweden. one middle-aged woman passer-by was attacked by a commando policeman when she protested to the way an arrested activist was thrown to the pavement. it is obvious that the anti-terrorist units used todays situations, as well as others as training exercises.

the arrested call for support from their international comrades to voice their disgust at the swedish polices use of unnecessary violence in this, as well as other recent situations.

-fvr revolution i ver livstid-