Luna anarcho-feminist group

What is Luna from Praha.

We are the anarcho-eco-feminist group. We began to work became we had a feeling that is necessary to do "something" in autonomous movement and don't be only passive consumers. We would like to give impulse, for example by our magazine ESBAT, to girls that don't know that they could be active and that they can do it and in this way to give inspiration for following activities.

The big danger and one of the main reasons of our problems which are around us we see, are in the education of school and family and everything is direct by the mass media. If we look in ourselves we always meet with prejudices, habits which negative form our lives. For example categorical divide of roles - you are a man and this and that is good for you and this doesn't pass for you and you are a woman and that's why you must do only this and that, racist prejudice, the ability to have own and free life, ...indifference.

It is very difficult to give away from ourselves something what we were taught like common. We are against every form of discrimination and dictatorship, for example fascism, sexism, capitalism, bolshevism. It is true that lot of similar groups are interested in these problems but we thing that it is very important the lot of people to fight against them. We want to change ourselves too, we want to spread the information and make up alternatives.

We support the rise of communities that would make communication and information networks. We don't specialize only to one kind of problem but usually according to our feelings and mainly how they actually coming. We are interested in ecology and it is for example - giving away consumerism from our lives, supporting bicycles in towns, recycling, vegetarians and vegans and this everything mean for us return to nature.

Our nextinterest is feminism - women rights and that are violence on women, sexism, the effort to be equivalence between men and women, and finally are human rights. There is also the problem of vivisection and global animals rights that we don't want to forget. Important for us are also social problem because with this theme we meet everyday.

Our group support squatting. We devote to culture. We are trying support and make up creative, non commercial culture with slogan D.I.Y. (Do it yourself) like our concerts, exhibitions, publishing etc. Of course, there are a lot of problems around us and they are always greater. We know that we aren't able to do everything together. But one activity couldn't overshadow another. But on the contrary they should be co-operating. It is possible to work only with one problem but we cannot forget the others.

Our favourite slogan for us is:
It isn't important boom, but tenacious.

Some of our actions:

Publishing of our magazine ESBAT -booklets about ecofeminism and modern paganism, postcards, our benefit T-shirts, vegetarian cookery book;
Demonstration against Republican Party;
Happening which informed about violence on women and happening against McDonald's;
Petition supporting free anti-conception;
Supporting another groups in their activities;
Days with game for children in Prague squat Ladronka;
Exhibitions of young artists;
Tea-room in music festival;
Lecture on ecofeminism.


Autonomie - Luna
P.O.Box 223 Prague 1
111 21 Czech republic