Vaclav Jez accused of murder attempt

July 2th, 1997
Well-known anarchist from Blansko (Czech Republic), who spent 4 months in detention in jeil two years ago (accused of disturbance and verbal attack on a public agent - policeman), shot in self - defence local seventeen - year - old nazi Petr Benes. The police immediately accused V.J. of twofold murder, in the phase attempt, and illegal arm keeping. V.J. is now held in inquest custody in Brno - Bohunice, Czech republic. For the named accusations he can spend up to 15 years in prison.

On Wednesday 2.7.1997 at about 10.30 p.m. were fulfilled, till then only verbal, treats of physical violence from nazis, adressed above all to V.J. That evening five anarchists sat to a concrete table in a park in the town centre and they were talking. Not far from them were sitting a group of "Vlastenecka Fronta - Patriots Front" supporters, including the local branch chairman of this fascist organization J.K. The anarchists paid no attention to them only till the moment when suddenly appeared probably drunk P.B. The nazist come to V.J. and saying "what the fuck are you scrabbling over the walls here" (meaning anti-fascist mottos written around the town not only by V.J.) he grabbed Vaclav's hair and banged forceffuly Vaclav's face against his knee.

Then hit Vaclav's head against the concrete table and after Vaclav fell on the ground. P. B. kept beating him fiercly in face and striking Vaclav's head against a small stone wall breaking his four teeth. As the attack was still very intensive, V.J. took out an illegaly kept gun (calibre 7.65 mm) and shot once against P.B. The bullet went through the attacker's shoulder going smoothly through the muscle. P.B. didn't even mention his injury and so didn't stop beating V.J. The rest of the nacists quickly joined their friend and they they all were making everything to get the gun from V.J. During this fight P.B. pressing his thumb against V.J. eyes and and another two shots went out (this time obviously not controlled by V.J. any more as his hand was being twisted) In the end the local "fuhrer" J.K. succeeded in getting the gun. He and the others went a bit further where they discovered that P.B. had been shot. J.K. then back aiming with the gained gun against the anarchists. Seeing this V.J. took out for self - defence a gas gun (revolver 9 mm CS gas catridges) from friend's bag and demonded his fire - arm back from J.K.

Naturally he didn't get it and so he ran away, while the nazists called ambulance and police.They then testified that V.J. started shooting against P.B. with no reason ("FuriousV.J. attacked him reasonlessly when P.B. was passing by him and bending down to pick up an empty cigarette pasked and throw it into a refuse bin" Rovnost Newspaper wrote from 4.7.1997.) I na few hours'time the police inspector pronounced the accusation of twofold murder attempt ( the second attempt for the taking out the gas gun in defence against the nazist, who might have have used the gained fire arm!) and of illegal arm keeping. V.J. denounced himself voluntarily after 2 days'hiding on Saturday 5.7.1997 at about 3.30 a.m. at a police station inBrno. >From the police inspector he was transported to the inquest custody prisom. He's held in hard detention (very strict, with limited mobility). Contacts withthe outside world are very limited. All correspondence is read by inspector and then again checked by the prison censorship.

The presumed exprenses for the advocacy are 100.000 Czech crowns (3000 US Dollars). The most important thing at the moment is to support V.J. by correspondence and above all to get, by means of various beneficial actions, enough money for the advocacy.

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(from Autonomie materials David Pickard)