Squat in Warsaw

October 7th, 1996
Here's some more news about our squat in Warsaw:

On Saturday 5th October an art exhibition was organised in the squat, as well as a little improvised concert. We invited a lot of people from the university, neighbours and friends. We permanently installed a banner "Autonomous Cultural Centre" with a squatting sign on it.

Today at 9 A.M. there was a security agents intervention. They broke the locks in the door downstairs but didn't manage to break the barricade blocking the way to the rooms upstairs, were about 8 people are squatting. (They would have to use chainsaws to break it!)

Banners saying "occupation strike" were put out of the windows.

2 pigs came with a car, but they said they didn't want anything and that it was the university's business. Marek Rybarczyk, a friend working as a journalist at the "Gazeta Wyborza" called the police headquarters to check if the pigs have plans of throwing us out, but they don't.

Food and squatting drinks are hauled through the balcony, as well as people who want to get in or out.

There was also a visit by a woman from the neighbours council, who said there was going to be a special meeting about what we're doing. We said we would be glad to participate in the meeting, because some girls who also live in the neighborhood say their parents all think we are a bunch of drug addicts. We'll see what's going to come out of that.

There were many journalists today, making pictures and interviews, so there should be something in tomorrow's papers.


October 25th

After more than 2 weeks of the occupation of the building belonging to the warsaw's univ. by the group of anarchists from the fed., we were forced to leave the place.

As you already know in this building we were planning to make the Independent Culture Center and the place where people could live (Squat). After negotiations with univ. and several uneffective atacks of the univ's guards we were still there.

Unfortunatly when the univ. made an official call to the prosecutor to treat us as the criminalists (for such a deal we could recive from 1 to 10 years imprisonment) we decided that its better to fight with the system from the outside of the jail. Anyway, on Thursday morning we have left the building and at the afternoon, when we were making a demonstration at the univ. (150 persons) the (anti)terrosrists broke into the building.

Well, situation is not so bad as it looks like. We still have chances to get the building in legal way (as the students assocciation) and make there a real problems for the authorities. The problem is that it could take a time to win the place. Now, we're looking for the another building to squat it!