Anarcho-syndicalist meeting in Lvov

August 27-31, 1997
On the conference were present members of the Anarchist Revolutionary Group (ARG) federation of Lvov-Rovno-Kiev, the Anarchist Federation of Bielorussia, the Donbass region anarcho-syndicalists from RKAS, Moscow anarcho-syndicalists from KRAS, Czecho-slovak Anarchist Federation (CSAF), the Polish Anarchist Federation (FA), and an anarchist from a social centre in Thesaloniki, Greece.

The Bielorussians made presentations of their participation in anti-Lukashenko manifestations and riots in Minsk and Gomel. Ukrainian anarcho-syndicalists from RKAS spoke about their involvement with Donbass region (east of Ukraine) coal miners on strike. Some time was also dedicated to the conception of an effective east-west information channel.