Ex-Yu anarchist meeting in Hungary

August 21-24th, 1997


Hm. We did it. We finally managed to meet. The idea of this meeting arose years ago, while the war was still raging. The need for it was (and still is) obvious. The only way how we could show to each other taht we oppose to what has happened in ex-Yugoslavia. There were some nice attempts of cooperation during the years, some concrete doings grew out of them, but also some conflicts have appeared. That was another reason to meet. There were plenty of potential motives. Unfortunately not that many people felt like that, but more about that later.

So, it was ZAP who has proposed for this meeting, and B.A.T. (Budapesti Autonomi Tarsulas) who have helped us a great deal to put the idea into reality. Our part was to think of a concept, and spread the word, while B.A.T. was in charge of finding a nice place to camp and of dealing with concrete problems such as how to get there.

Our Slovenian contact didn't get any confirmations, and nobody from Slovenia came to the meeting. We, in Zagreb also didn't receive any written confirmations but got at least 10 verbal ones. 4 persons from Croatia came to the meeting, but we know that more left the country in order to get there. At least two got lost in Hungary since they came to late to the meeting points, and for the rest we don't know jet. In Yugoslavia approximately 10 persons confirmed their arrival. Some in writting, some verbally. At the end 5 of them came, although one day later since they also missed the meeting points.

In such a small group there was no need for an actual agenda. There were no conditions for any workshops with concrete results such as written material or paintings or flags or whatever, so we just decided to talk a lot. And we did. For the whole time, we just went on talking about so many different things, mainly sharing information and experiences. Sometimes all together, and sometimes in small groups of two or three. Spontaniously. The only conceptual discussion (or more like a presentation) was when B.A.T. and F.A. presented theirwork. That was nice, and interesting.

We all exchanged a lot of material, and at the end hugged and kissed and went sepparate ways.

Although the meeting wasn't what we expected it to be, it was somehow a very positive experience. This was the first meeting of a kind, and therefore important just because of that. People who came will hopefully now have the energy to work more to make this meetings more regularly which should also result with some concrete results. At least, that's what we're hoping for. We'we made new friends. Now, some people we cooperated with in the past also have faces and voices. They'renot just letters on paper or screen anymore. It all got more personal. For any other conclusions you should have been there yourselves. This is just a short report anyway.

10 000 ZAGREB