Rainbow Keepers attacked in Volgodonsk

July 29th, 1997

The Rainbow Keeper's summer camp at the Rostov Nuclear Power Plant was viciously attacked. They had been blockading the plant as part of their second protest at that location. On that day more than 500 workers from the plant got off a bus and, in full view of a couple of armed militiamen, proceded to violently beat the protestors. Many of them had to be taken to the hospital where the doctors were quite afraid to diagnose them or be of much help. There were a few concussions, broken noses, head and spinal injuries, etc.. In addition to this, tents were burned and photo equipment was destroyed.

Something similar happened last summer when the camp was attacked by security guards. This time the militia refused to press any criminal charges against the workers for this attack.

More than 50 people from 8 countries (Poland, Czech, Russia, Ukraine, Tadzhikistan, Germany, Belarus and Finland) are taking part in the action.