Cops raid social centre in Wroclaw

June 15th, 1997
Sunday night, anarchists from the city of Wroclaw had a nightly police raid on their social centre. About 6-7 police cars arrived at 3:00 A.M.and started breaking the door.

The house is being rented legally, so the people who live there told the cops they have no right to enter without warrant on private property, especially after 22:00. In response, they were beaten up, and one guy - Dominik - was taken away.

The next day a demonstration with 100 participants was made at the procurer's office, where a suit against Dominik was filed, accusing him of attacking a policeman. Piszpunt and Natalia from the Polish A.B.C. have filed a complaint at this same procurer's office, with the results of medical exams they have made, accusing the cops of causing injury and intrusion on private property.

A press conference was organised, and as a result the case made it to the national newspapers, which presented it like it really happened.

Zaczek - Anarchist Federation - Warsaw