May Day in Helsinki

May 1st, 1997
May Day 1997 was the biggest anarchist march of 90's in Finland. After two main leftist parties has stopped their marches in Helsinki, the May Day march has become a happening of radical left. Last year there were about 75 anarchists in the group, but now there were about 150 anarchists with their own sheets and flags.

At least few magazines and one television news noticed that nationwide. Though the weather was really anti-revolutionary, our spirit was high. Nothing really big happened, but the one thing is for sure: anarchists has become big part of finnish May Day tradition.

Few years ago anarchists were banned from marches around the country, but now they are main organisators at least in Oulu and Helsinki. One reason why the march got so big in Helsinki this year is that the marches has ended in many parts of Finland and in few parts the anarchists are not allowed to march with other (so called) left (at least in Jyv{skyl{, the city where I live, this has happened).

Wholly this years march collected about 500 people in Helsinki and with anarchists there were for example Communist youth, SKP (Finnish Communist Party = suckers) and few other groups, but also very much individuals, who mostly marched with anarchists and anarcho-syndicalists.

At the same weekend we held nationwide anarchist meeting which was also qiute cool. There were people around the country and members of different groups (SAL, Solidaarisuus, Peppi-AFL, etc.). At the same time the first Chiapas solidarity group was also grounded. So I think we can consider that May Day as a one step towards revolution again - the state and capitalism are on their knees soon!

Revolutionary spring for all Miikka/ABC Finland