Congress of Czecho-Slovak Anarchist Federation

April 25-27th, 1997
C.A.F. BECAME CSAF - Rýmařov, Moravia - 25.-27.4. - Last weekend in March there was already IVth congress of Czech Anarchist Federartion. 21 delegates of CAF groups gathered in a mountain cottage on North Moravia. The most interesting moment is, that we accepted new members from Slovakia and therefore CAF became the "Czechoslovak Anarchist Federation" (CSAF). The barrier between Czech and Slovak anarchist movement, originating from 1992 split of former Czechoslovakia, seems to be not too serious obstacle for our cooperation. Slovakian groups are at least in two major cities of Slovakia - Bratislava and Ko*ice. Congress succesfully solved a lot of things concerning the organisation, purchasing the computer equipment etc. Congress unanimously approved membership application to IAF/IFA. More detailed report about the congress will be available soon.