Estonian anarchist movement

April 2nd, 1997
Hi !

I and two other comrades from Helsinki were visiting Estonia in Easter time to make contacts with Estonian anarchists. So we met couple of them and can tell bit of it.

Estonian anarchist movement is very new. They organised first demonstration in 1.7. -96 (there was about 70 people) in Tallinn and I understood that first national conference will be held 27.6. this year in Tallinn. MAL, Estonian anarchist federation is pretty loose network of anarchist individuals and groups. Mari-Liis Bassovskaja who is their contact person, told that there are about 10 contact persons in different regions through which they keep contact. Generally it seemed that anarchists weren't very active in social activity, maybe more in cultural things. This is partly understandable as there didn't seem to be very much of such social movements or radical left scene in Estonia amongst which anarchists work in many countries. Most of the anarchists are individualists and seemingly (at present, that is) not very interested to organising activities.

Most active place is maybe Tartu, where there are maybe 30 anarchists, including radical anarchofeminist direct action group and group called "Anarcho-Communist Federation" (AKF) which meets regularly.

Mari-Liis told us that she has plans to make a magazine (this would be first anarchist publication in Estonia) and we promised to help her start it. She also said they have spoken about establishing anarchist bookshop/cafe in Tallinn. They have also made some translations from anarchist texts (some Emma Goldman at least) and we talked about publishing them in pamphlets.

Anyway, we think this was good start for co-operation. At least two Estonian comrades said they will be coming to our open anarchist gathering which we organise in Helsinki in beginning of May, and we will probably visit their meeting 27.6.

And in the end, adresses:

c/o Mari-Liis Bassovskaja
Vilja 8a-55
EE 2710 Voru

Box 449
Tartu jk.
EE 2400

Reko Ravela
SAL (Finnish Anarchist Federation)
International secretariat
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