Anti-capitalist demo in Cracow

Hello, friends.

This has been a weekend full of action!

Last saturday Feb 17, the anarchists from Cracow organised a demonstration on the day of a big ugly bourgeois banquet. In the words of its organisers, it was supposed to be a charitative event, the profits from which would go to the homeless and starving.

You imagine however, that the homeless didn't receive a 0.01% of what was spent on caviar, champagne and the newest model of Mercedes offered to the pair that won the dancing contest. Outraged by this ridiculous and hypocritical way of presenting themselves as the benefactors of the poor, whereas they are in fact the people that contribute the most to their misery, we decided to spoil their fun by showing up to the banquet.

It was the second time we made a demonstration in front of the palace where the party was organised, so a lot of anarchists from all over Poland knew about the event and participated in it.

The demo started at the central place in Cracow, where we assembled, in the number of about 80, looking out for police forces and skinheads, particularily numerous in Carcow.

(By the way just days before, a group of nazi shitheads has raided an anarchist squat in Poznan, almost killing a girl with knives and baseball sticks. We were just anxious to get our revenge!) Afterwards, we beated the shit out of a couple of them!

After some people talked to the crowd through the loudspreaker about the inhuman face of capitalism (we were very pleased they were not only young punks, but also older, normal people).

Then, we marched through the city, shouting "Eat the Rich", "Death to the Bourgeoisie", "Caviar for the People". The little old streets of Cracow gave a very powerful sound to our words.

Little groups of skinheads appeared from time to time, but they ran away as soon as we told them to get the fuck out.

Some passers by were joining our demonstration, so it grew to 120-150 people.

Then, finally we arrived before the place of the party. The police forces were already there, expecting us. As soon as the guests started to arrive, (Lech Walesa was also on the guest list) we shouted "thieves" to them, booing and whistling. All the time we were repeating our slogans, and somebody kept takling about the inequality created by capitalism.

Feeling a little limited by the space on the side walk in front of the palace, we stepped on the street. This is when the fight with the police began. They instantly showed what they really are: guardian-dogs to the bourgeoisie. They didn't want to join with us as we proposed. :-)

They didn't seem pleased when we told them that, so they began to push us and beat us with their rubber sticks. Not wanting to be pushed over like idiots, some of us threw Molotov cocktails on them. One molotovs exploded at the feet of the commanding kop, setting fire to his uniform.

The fight didn't last for long, because most of the people were soon encircled by the police lines, who arrested the most active persons.

Me and a couple of friends were held at the police commisariat for the rest of the night. Then we were transported to jail, where we spent another 12 hours.

We are Ok, but one of our friends, Marek Milewski, was accused of throwing the molotov (although he didn't even touch it) and he is to be held in jail for a month or maybe more, waiting for a trial.

As soon as we learned this, we wrote a petition to the general prosecutor to change his decision, and let Marek wait for the trial as a free man. We collected some signatures today, and will be doing it till the couple of days to come. Friday, we are planning to demonstrate in front of the ministry of justice. We will also try to find somebody who will garant for Marek, so he can get out.

On Tuesday we will do another demonstration, more general this time, about police brutality and the injustice and inhumanity of prisons. We will also talk about another jailed polish anarchist from Poznan, Artur Ates.