<alter-ee> anti-war protests in Ljubljana

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Fri, 21 Mar 2003 13:19:12 +0100

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Anti-war / anti-NATO protests in Slovenia

Soon after the attack on Iraq started, around 2 a.m., group of activists =
occupied the place infront of the US embassy in Ljubljana. In the =
morning more people joined them and more and more people were gathering =
there throughout the morning.
For 4 p.m. protest against the war and direct actions were called. =
Police 1,5 hour before that started to build barricades around the US =
embassy. Around 30 activists were still occuping the place infront of =
the embasy. Police barricades were builded and activists stayed inside. =
Around 4 p.m. people and organised groups started to gather on the place =
some 100 metres away from the embasy. Around 1500 people gathered, =
between them groups of anarchists with red&black flags and banners. =
Later the march headed towards the embassy and some individuals and =
anarchists started to attack the barricades. Good number of people =
menaged to get through the barricades and join the activists on the =
other side of the barricades infront of the embassy. There was conflict =
with anarchists and police lines on the barricades, police almost =
arrested one anarchist but the other comrades saved him. After this =
attempts and conflicts - more police, horses and riot gear were driven =
to the place. Protests lasted the whole day. Lots of baloons with red =
colour were thrown at the embassy and police lines, but there was no =
other conflicts althoug there was big tension all the time on the =
barricades. Around midnight police started to "evacuate" the place and =
activists infront of the embassy were removed by riot police.
Small number of people stayed there the whole night and today the =
protests (will) continue. As the referendum on NATO and EU will take =
place this sunday (23rd March) in Slovenia, all actions are aimed also =
against this institutions. Today in Ljubljana and some other cities in =
Slovenia protests against war and NATO will take place. Probably also =
some direct actions on different locations. Also for saturday and sunday =
actions and protests are called. =20