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Sun, 23 Mar 2003 17:13:23 +0100

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Anti-war and anti-NATO actions continues in Slovenia

On Friday and Saturday actions against war and NATO continued in =
Slovenia. Today - the referndum on NATO and EU is taking place and we =
are waiting for results. There is still a big chance that the referendum =
on NATO will fall for the government (last public polls showed us =
situation: 50% - 50%), but for the EU referendum there is no question - =
people will support the slovenian entering EU.
Although this time also anarchists went to "vote" :-), we already made a =
statement in which we declare our no-stopping struggle against the state =
and capitalism.=20

On Friday, two demos took place. In Maribor (the second largest city in =
Slovenia) around 500 people gathered and protested peacefully throughout =
the day. In Ljubljana, the occupation of the place and square around the =
US embassy continued, but there was no other conflicts on the police =
barricades. Group of some 100 activists and anarchists made a mobil =
action in the city. In the building, where the UK and Australian =
embassies and some multinational corporations have their place, the main =
hall was oocupied for half an hour. Police tried to prevent us entering, =
but the disobediance and anger was too strong. On the way through the =
city, a lot of people joined us and there was a lot of work for police. =
Protest headed towards the Spanish and Italian embassy and also beside =
the government and parliment buildings. There was no conflicts and =
everything ended peacefully in the square 50 metres from the US embassy. =
This place is still occupied and lots of different activities are going =
on there.
On Saturday, the demo against war and NATO was called for 12:00. Some =
1000 people gathered, between them group of anarchists with anti-war =
(class war) / anti-capitalist banners and red&black flags. The anarchist =
bloc was shouting a lot of slogans and singing revolutionary songs. The =
demo went around the city and stopped at some points, like the =
money-market (Borza), parliment, government and offcourse US embassy. =
This time the police barricades were the "biggest" in the history of =
Slovene state. The front group showed some non-violent "civil =
disobediance" protest, the anarchists were too far away, so no bigger =
presure was given to the US embassy.

Next week, more actions against war are planned and probably a big =
anarchist demo on saturday, as a part of 1st Balkan Anarchist Bookfair, =
which will be held in Ljubljana, from 27 - 30 March.

No war but CLASS WAR!


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