<alter-ee> The case of "incitement to sabotage" from Szczecin

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Fri, 31 Jan 2003 12:46:58 +0100

Next wednesday there will be a court case against Dominik Sawicki, who is
being accused of "appeal to commit a crime" in his publication "Shipyard
Worker". Since this accusation was made more than a year ago, the shipyard
has went bankrupt and its managers ended in prison themselves. Everybody
thought the accusation against
Dominik would be dropped. But yesterday Dominik got a call to court.

Please send faxes next monday and tuesday (3rd and 4th february) in protest
the repression to the District Court:

Sąd Rejonowy
70-952 Szczecin, ul. Kaszubska 42
woj. zachodniopomorskie
tel. (091) 448-00-02 fax. (091) 433-35-28


For those who don't know the case, here's an article from last year about
the case written by Dominik:

- "Do you know that calling for sabotage, that is destruction of property
such as machines or other devices
is a crime?" This is the question a policewoman asked me during the
proceedings against me related with the publication
of "Shipyard Worker" which was - as it's name implies - distributed among
Szczecin shipyard workers. I replied
that sabotage is one of many ways the workers have to defend themselves
against bosses, against exploitation
and for workers rights, and that it was is and will be used by workers.

On september 12th 2001 the investigation against the publishers of the
"Shipyard Worker" was ended. The case was started by the complaint filed by
the managers of the Szczecin Shipyard who were trying to silence any dissent
workers. The trade unions have already been bought, and the managers were
upset that somebody was still expressing dissent. Also in the preceding
months the usage of material and worker's productivity has dropped,
so a scapegoat had to be found. The shipyard managers stated that it's the
result of incitement to sabotage. The
fact is that there is no need to sabotage the tools in the factory, because
they are so old and are not being repaired.

The investigation started in april after the publication of the first number
of the "Shipyard Worker".
In the initial phase of the investigation, the police was looking for
persons who registered
the Anarchist Federation. They wanted to obtain the list of persons being
members of the
board of directors of the Anarchist Federation. Of course it turned out that
the FA is not registered.
Then the telephone number published in the "Shipyard Worker" was checked,
and this way they
came to me. After i was called to the police station and then there was the
taking of fingerprints and photographs and interviews with witnesses (one of
them is the chief
of the Industrial Guard security). I was glad to hear that none of my
coworkers was among
the witnesses. My data was checked in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but
i was not in their database.
In the end i was accused of incitement to commit a crime. The case is
pending. I think they will do
a show trial to scare other workers.

History came back as a boomerang and what we have read in books and
became reality. The fight only begins..."

Dominik Sawicki
Member of Szczecin section of Polish Anarchist Federation


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