<alter-ee> Statement of the antiwar coalition about occupation of Iraq by Polish military

Zaczek alter-ee@lists.most.org.pl
Sun, 4 May 2003 21:35:15 +0200

> Hi folks,
> isn t there any diskussion between anarchists in Poland about the fact
> that the former "Protektorat Polen" now becomes the Protectorator of
> Northern Iraq together with war criminals, of an ilegally ivaded country
> like Poland was itself in WWII (and after)?

I send below the translation of the open letter of the polish antiwar


The war has started, although we wanted to avoid it at all costs. This
unjust war has been triggered with cynicism and deliberately

For many weeks, Polish social organisations have protested against this war
and against the participation of Polish Army in the conflict. We express the
opinion of a great majority of Polish citizens. Nearly 70 percent of them is
against the war and stands for peace. Thousands of people have already
revealed their disagreement in numerous demonstrations organised in Poland.

The president Aleksander Kwasniewski and the prime minister Leszek Miller,
who support the interest of USA and send Polish troops to Iraq, do not act
on behalf of Polish society. Making decisions without society's permission,
they have abused the democratic rules. Moreover, they have committed a crime
against both Polish and international law, using military force without
citizens' will. Last weeks' events confirmed antidemocratic and antisocial
attitude of Polish government. Violence has become their common language,
what we could clearly observe on 20th March, when a peaceful antiwar
demonstration in Warsaw was brutally dispersed by the police.

We would like to assure all the European countries that a great majority of
us do not support Polish government's policy. Our movement demands
withdrawing Polish troops from Iraq. We don't allow American Army to be on
the territory of Poland as we were against the presence of Soviet Army on
our lands. We disagree spending 8 million dollars on military equipment,
mainly produced by the Americans. The government should rather face the huge
unemployment that has reached nearly 20 percent and the lack of money in
national budget for medical and social care.

We join the European societies in the fight for peace. We hope that the
general, widespread protest against the war will be continued, according to
all free nations of the world will.

Poznanska Koalicja Antywojenna www.antywojenna.prv.pl, Krakowska Koalicja
Antywojenna www.kka.w.pl, Wroclawska Koalicja Antywojenna
www.wojna-stop.prv.pl, Stowarzyszenie Inicjatyw Spolecznych "Ulica",
International Fluxus Art Group "Double Travel", Redakcja pisma "Ulicy
Wszystkich Swietych" , Sekcja polska Central European Press Corporation of
REGIOPOLIS, Komitet Pamieci Ofiar Stalinizmu - Instytut Badan Stalinizmu i
Patologii Wladzy, Inicjatywa Pracownicza - Pila , Stowarzyszenie "Obywatel",
Redakcja dwumiesiecznika "Obywatel", Harcerski Ruch Ochrony Srodowiska im.
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Redakcja pisma "Robotnik Slaski".