<alter-ee> Short report on some interesting things happening in Serbia

Ratibor Trivunac alter-ee@lists.most.org.pl
Tue, 8 Jul 2003 15:14:57 +0200

    I thoughts that it might be interesting for people on the list to =
find out what are the relations between Serbian state and main stream =
unions and our syndicate - currently there are five "important" persons =
publicly attacking us through different media and/or police repression:

    First one is Dusan Mihajlovic, State Minister of the Police - he was =
publicly asking why I was released only after 3 days during the martial =
and also asked big weeklies who are writing about us to stop doing that, =
because they are making "this anarchist a new hero" and "the last thing =
we need now are anarchists".

    Second one is Dragan Milovanovic, State Minister of Labor - he =
signed the search warrant and asked from the minister of police for me =
to be arrested during martial law, he also spoke against =
anarcho-syndicalism on the TV.

    Third one is Aleksandar Vlahovic, State Minister of Privatization - =
in his yearly report on privatization, that was televised, he said that =
privatization is going well but that "there are some subversive groups, =
anarcho-syndicalists are giving away their newspapers, pushing for the =
workers to go to strike, chasing away foreign investors, they are going =
to put us back to the middle ages" he said.

    Forth one is Miljenko Smiljanic, head of the Confederation of the =
Autonomous Trade Unions of Serbia, the biggest union central, having =
roots in the ex-Yugoslavian unions, with more than million workers being =
members - he is constantly threatening the government  with =
anarcho-syndicalism, claiming that if the government doesn't make a deal =
with him there is going to be a boom of anarcho-syndicates who are going =
to break everything around and bring a loads of blood to the streets. He =
also has problems because lot of their local syndicates are making =
contacts with us, so he is afraid of losing membership.

    The last one is the funniest of them all, Budimir Poluga, head of =
"Public law and order" department of Belgrade police. He has personal =
pick on me, and after I was arrested a week ago, and big Serbian weekly =
(Time) wrote a text about that case, he started propaganda in newspapers =
and TV against "hooligans" etc. Clearly marking us as such. He also =
claimed that I told him, while arrested, that "I'm going to take =
measures that will show that this country doesn't need police", "No, I'm =
not arrested, you are!" and "Wait and see what kind of game I'm =
playing". Of course I didn't say any of those stupidities.

Funny country, isn't it?

Anarcho-syndicalist greetings