<alter-ee> Recent anti-war action in Czechia

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Thu, 3 Apr 2003 17:06:06 +0200

Recent anti-war actions in Czechia

Although general public mobilization is missing, anti-war effort is still
the strongest since the spring of public activities in the beginning 90' (in
that time targeted mainly against army services).

Last Sunday March 30 there were the biggest anti-war demo so far. About 1500
came, anarchist 100 people strong block was presented between another blocks
like high school students block, university student block, Trockiyst block
or Bolsheviks block. Anarchist carried big banner saying "Against capitalist
war, against capitalist peace - terrorist = IMF, WB, WTO, EU, NATO...." and
a few red-black flags.

On Tuesday March 25, spontaneous demo against war took place in a small city
(a couple of tens of thousands people) Valaske Mezirici. About 200 mainly
young people attended, marched streets and chants anti-war slogans. Local
anarchists were presented and involved in very short two days preparations.
Only one police car was presented, it tried to stop the march several times
but without success. Few people were fined later after demo.

In Pilsen, three anarchists masked as deaths marched the streets and handing
anti-war leaflets. Also, anti-war graffiti appeared around the city. Another
demo is planned on April 7.

In Prerov on Saturday March 30 about 50 people, mainly anarchists, attended
anti-war march and chanted anti-war and anti-capitalist slogans.

On April 2, anti-war demo organized by local high school students attended
by around 150 people took place in really small city Roznov (about 10 000
inhabitants). Small anarchist block was presented.

250 mainly young people attended anti-war march in Opava city on April 1,
prepared by local high school and university students. A couple of tens
students attended anti-war demo in Jihlava on March 28.

Another two anarchist demonstration are taking place this weekend - in
Prague and in another small city Caslav.

About direct actions: several cases of hanging banners out took place across
the Czech republic. Two big banner were hanged on very significant
historical building in Prague by one well-known NGO activist. In Pilsen,
someone "unknown" hanged banner on historical tower in city center and it
was later get off by fire-patrol. One man is accused of hooliganism because
he sprayed "thank you" and "fuck off USA" on US army memorial in Pilsen.

for more infos from Czechia look at http://www.csaf.cz/english.php