<alter-ee> Queer anarchists storm crap poetry in Yaroslavl, Russia

Aleksei alter-ee@lists.most.org.pl
Wed, 16 Jul 2003 15:21:26 +0400

Queer anarchists storm crap poetry in Yaroslavl, Russia

In the middle of June anarchists together with other queer leftists
presented their collection of queer and revolutionary poetry "Golaya moral"
(Naked morality). Revolutionary queer poets shocked the presentation
of another collection of kitch poetry of local traditionalists
in the hall of Yaroslavl museum of arts. Romances and trash poetry
got stucked to mouths of cultural reactionaries, when revolutionaries
stormed the stage and organised "a non-govermental reception point of
waste paper", where collection of grafomaniacs was exchanged to that
of revolutionary queers. Received books of traditionalists were cut to
and thrown to waste. Several pieces of revolutionary poetry were succesfully
recitated before the action had to be finished.

E-mail of organisers: yar_anarchy@mail.ru