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Sat, 3 May 2003 15:40:47 +0200

Mayday report (translation by Indymedia, original source: Czech language
CSAF web page) - taken from http://www.csaf.cz/english.php?file=93

The demonstration in Prague started in the early afternoon, when members of
a Feminist group came to Strelecky ostrov to situate a memorial plaque. The
MayDay demo itself was supposed to take place at 12pm on Strelecky ostrov,
however due to hygienic reasons (sediments from last summer's floods) the
demo was moved to nearby Kampa park. Police did their best to cause problems
for the demo: Kampa was closely guarded from the side facing Strelecky
ostrov and anyone who looked nonconformist in any way or carried an object
for use during the demonstration (signs, megaphones) was stopped for an
illegal ID check. However gradually around 300 people managed to attend the

After the speeches around 2pm the group set off headed with a sign: "Our
lives into our hands" and marched to Dejvice with music from a worker's
samba band(photo). Even during the march police tried to scare participants:
In side streets special anti-demonstration units in full war gear posed for
photos with helmets and shields. At one moment the police attacked(photo) a
demonstrator because he wasn't walking in the correct direction according to

During the march slogans were shouted, and near the Israel Embassy slogans
for solidarity with the emancipation fight of Palestinians. After about an
hour the march arrived to Vitezne namesti, victory square. where info stands
about anarchism and action organized by Anarchist organizations. A
soundsystem was set up as well. Anarchist literature and vegan food were
also available.

Then there followed a speech(photo) by Daniel Zapata, an activist for Native
American rights from the Xiximeka tribe, who familiarized demonstrators with
the history of oppression on not only his tribe and reminded of the unity of
all fights against oppression, exploitation, and fascism.

AT the end of the event there was an incident with neo nazis which was
highly enlarged by the media. 6 older fascist skinheads(photo) came to "see
what they could see" at the Anarchist demonstration. When militant
anti-fascists stood in their way they turned around and left - however as
many times before they just left so they could attack participants of the
Anarchist demo who were leaving. Antifascists therefore decided to confront
them right away. The neonazis fled under the protection of police and two of
the slowest neo-nazis recieved several hard hits. Hopefully they learned
that they are not welcome to Anarchist demonstrations.

=> photogallery here: http://www.csaf.cz/english.php?file=91