<alter-ee> Complete report about Krynki NoBorder camp 2003

Zaczek alter-ee@lists.most.org.pl
Tue, 8 Jul 2003 14:33:47 +0200

4th anti-border camp took part in Kundzicze near Krynki.
About 200 people took part in all days. There were activists from =
Poland, Russia, Belarus, Brazil, Finland, Portugal, Spain, France, =
Belgium, Germany, Romania, Sweden, USA, Canada, Czech, Israel and some =
other countries.=20
Camp started with anti-border concert in DeCentrum squat on 1st of July =
with a slogan "Music against borders".=20
2nd of July started with demonstration against Fortress Europe. About =
150 people took part in that one. Police brought big forces (12 vans of =
riot police, some smaller cars, few plainclothes, unit with dogs) and =
closely followed demonstration all the way. People stopped in front of =
Regional Council where we shouted "Deport bureucrats" and other antiEU =
and anti-racist slogans. Then demo moved to Belarusian consulate where =
we read a letter demanding freedom of speech for opposition there and to =
inform public about fate of missing journalists and oppositionists.=20
After the demo people went by hired buses and cars to the place fo the =
camp, closely followed by cops. All cars and buses had been stopped on =
the way by Border Guards and identity of everyone was checked with =
Next day we made visit to Krynki, hang out banners there, spread =
posters, leaflets, covered town in stickers and anti-border messages.=20
Next day there was street performance in Krynki and an assemply with =
inhabitants of the town.=20
Small team of anti-border activists travelled also to Wizajny, which was =
place of previous no border camp, to mantain our contacts with local =
population and spread propaganda there. This group uopn leaving was =
harassed by Border Guards and id's of everyone checked.=20
On Saturday there was again street performance in Krynki and afterwards =
about 300 people (many of them local inhabitants and kids) went to the =
border to protest against isolation of eastern countires and new visa =
regime. There were also slogans against Belarusian regime which could be =
heard by Belarusian border guards. Lots of border signs were damaged, =
truck tires were thrown against border guards cordon . While =
demonstrators were passing near cops, banner with HWDP letters appeared =
and anti-police slogans were shouted (HWDP is a Polish equivalent of =
ACAB slogan which always makes cops angry). Cops and Border Guards were =
following and filming demo participants. They were stopped by two =
barricadeds on the street which they had to dismantle.=20

Meantime, on Friday group of activists from the camp went to Bialystok =
to make an action during visit of US ambassodor. People were shouting =
slogans inside the building which hosted the event and put a banner =
against occupation of Iraq. 6 people were detained by secret service =
cops but no charges were issued against them.=20

During a camp some activists got fines from cops for a different reasons =
as a part of repression against us. On Sunday all Krynki was full of =
riot cops in full gear from Bialystok but no further actions ahppened.=20
During camp there were many meetings and workshops and more contacts =
between anti-border activists were established.=20

Thanks for everyone who participated and helped in organization.

See you in around thew world on frontlines!