<alter-ee> Anarchist mayday in Moscow

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Fri, 02 May 2003 10:36:46 -0500

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Anarchist mayday in Moscow

45 people marched under black and red and black diagonal 
flags in Moscow 1st of May 2003. This was the
biggest anarchist mayday demonstration in Moscow since 1990,
twice more people participated than to fiasco  of the last year. 

Demonstration went from Metro Universitet via Lomonosovskiy, 
Leninskiy and Universitestkiy streets to place where
Jerry Rubin club organised a concert for inhabitants of
Gagarinskiy area. People from Autonomous Action and Rainbow Keepers
participated, biggest group of participators were propably "unaligned anti-authoritarians". KRAS-AIT had their 
own 4 person strong march following the main march half kilometres
behind. Journos did not showed up but who cares. 

Demonstrators distributed leaflets and carried banners "Against 
power and capital" and "Our enemy is not in Chechnya, our enemy
is in Kreml". Bypassers voiced supporting comments. Slogans against state, FSB (xKGB), fascism and Chechnyan and Iraq wars were shouted. March was not legalized, which usually means that someone (or all)of the participators get arrested. However although march took 40 minutes and cops were observing the situation since the beginning, no-one was arrested due to tactical superiority of organisers in 
comparaison to cops. 
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