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Sun, 12 Jan 2003 17:49:10 +0100

>On following URL you can find translation of the article "Anarchist
>defence alternative" from the Existence - anarchist revue of the
>Czechoslovak Anarchist Federation.
>I suggest to read it and discuss it. In my oppinion it is an
>excellent propose of alternative to armies...
>For reading the article go to

Below is the translation of the preliminary version of Polish FA's statement
about defence.



The argument about the necessity to defend the country against an invading
army is often used to justify the existence of state army. The occupation
of a foreign power can be the most brutal tyranny. But the rule of a
national government
is nothing else but the same tyranny based on overt or hidden violence.

Compulsory draft to the state army is a clear violation of personal freedom
the source of social pathology among soldiers. On the other hand, the
professional army and
the defence industry are a threat in themselves. In countries such as USA,
industrial-military complex is a strong center of power, which is beyond any
control and is a serious threat to peace in the world.

The currently existing type of army, armed according to NATO standards
is adapted to cooperation in aggressive operations conducted by the "world
the United States. The money of the citizens of the country [Poland] is
spent to insure
a world power has access to energy sources. This money is not being used to
insure security on the territory of the country [Poland].

The development of military structures and new systems of weapons does
not insure a greater defence capability. As the examples of Chechnya and
can show, even the most advanced technology and great military superiority
cannot break the spirit of resistance of a society defending its right to
self-determination. The defence of factual freedom, and not of abstract
ideas such as "nation" is what gives motivation to volounteers fighting in
defence of the country [purely geographical notion - not related to state].

However the indispensable element needed to overcome military aggression
is the existence of an international mass peace movement. The strong
movement in the sixties in the USA was one of the main reasons of the
withdrawal of US troops from Vietnam.

The best investment in the security of the country is the participation in
a grassroots international peace movement aimed at overcoming adversity
and lack of trust between the nations.


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