<alter-ee> Anarchist anti-fascist action in Zhukovsky, Russia

Aleksei alter-ee@lists.most.org.pl
Wed, 16 Jul 2003 20:50:54 +0400

Anarchist anti-fascist action in Zhukovsky, Russia

Zhukovsky is a suburb of Moscow with some 100 000 inhabitants. Political
party "For Holy Russia" (ZVR) is by far not the strongest fascist movement
in Russia, but it has a strong local influence in Zhukovsky, where it claims
to have
recruited 2000 members.

19th of May ZVR organised a party in a local movie theatre to celebrate
birthday of Nikolai II, declared as a saint by Russian Orthodox Church. ZVR
 is an "old school" fascist party, with monarchist and black hundred ideas -
during last decade of "renaissance" of Russian fascist movement this
tendency has severely suffered in favour of more modern nationalist, white
or national bolshevik movements. Leader of the party is a teacher in Moscow
Institute of Aviation MAI, for him getting party card is enough to have ones
history exams passed. Local anarchists who came to party as uninvited guests
soon realized that most of the hundred or so participators were from MAI,
apparently there in order to proceed with their studies.

After a prayer for deceased mass murderer an anti-semitic lecture began,
during which
anarchists began distributing leaflets about Nikolai II in the theatre. Soon
contents of the speeches became impossible to tolerate, and anarchists
decided to leave, attacking the literature
stalls around doors selling various schizophrenic religious and black
hundred literature. Some lunatics followed shouting "Long live Tsar!", and a
fight began. In the street alltogether 6 anti-fascists took a succesful
stance against the superior enemy, but decided to make a tactical retreat
when representatives of the governemental fascism showed up with their cars.

Action received a wide echo in the local press, one paper publishing article
by anarchists and
other by fascists. Many local people gave positive feedback, expecially
those who have suffered from illegal church construction projects of the
party, which are plenty in the city. For sure some intimidation has followed
as well, as many other fascists movements ZVR is also linked to security
services business of the capital which is always just a cover for the mafia.
So anti-fascists have been warned of serious consequences if they continue
their activities. Soon after action three uniformed black hundreds came to
hang a placate outside home of one of the local anarchist anti-fascists, but
after support showed up and tore down the placate fascists decided to speed
away, not risking a physical confrontation.

The struggle continues!