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Sat, 15 Mar 2003 09:24:42 -0800 (PST)


please spread this arround! ACTIONS AGAINST WAR END UP BAD IN TIMISOARA-ROMANIA. ABC STARTS. as i said, there was planned a march for peace in the city, on the 15th of march and the student organisation fooled us and got no autorisation. so, here we are in front a hard decission. should we go on ilegal demo or not. and the answer was, hell yes! so we prepare for the action. in the previous night at the punk concert there were 4 secret agents, and that was a sign from them that they will not stop there. the authorised march was supposed to start at 13:00 in front of the university and go through the town. so, we decide we will still keep that as a convergence point, and after go to center and have a smaller march, without blocking cars and just leafleting and having banners and flags. morning hours were a pain, cause people from the student organisation called by chiefs of the police got so scared that they would keep us all time on the phone. we said we still go there, but because the cooking part was going hard, we decided that we should go and say to the people who will come to the university that the demo will be delayed untill after the food not bombs action. going in front of the university we found one big surprise. the place was full with police. we spread arround so that we can let people know that meeting point has changed. we managed to announce some of the people, but not all. we also met one of the people from the student ngo who fucked us. he was all pale and he said that he had converstions on the phone with police chifs for more than one hour. he was begging us not to protest, not to put out banners, not to do anything. hehe! he said 3 big chiefs of the ppolice where there and there is a big mobilisation from the police. anyway, so we announce as many people as we can, it seemed that more people preferd to come at the f.n.b. actions than at the march. anyway, we got back to the cocking place so, that we discuss new strategies for the action. people from CAF (craiova anarho front) and the REVOLUTIONSHOP group, from craiova were here offering theyr help for the action and preparation. theyr support was heartening for all of us here. there we discussed and realised that there is no way we could do the march at all and we should focuse on the food not bombs, which together with our week of leafleting would make some sense and worth the material and financial help. there were in the square where we did the food not bombs action some 50 people who camed there for the action and also about 20 street kids/people which we have gathered from the streets. we put the banners up the sorounding walls and a friend was playing the guitar. everything was ok, untill the first sign appeared... the chief of a gendarmerie (i don't know the exact spelling) team camed to us. he asked that he wanted to talk to the leader of the group. we said we have no leader. he said that somebody would better asume this role. so our hippy-guitar friend went and gave his id and said what's about. the discussions went great. the "jandarm" said he is glad that we have initiative and even if we don't have any autorisation he will send to boys of his team to protect us from the eventual fury of some potential people who would hate our stance. he said that we will start to shout or do other "stupid" things disturbing the order and neighbors he and his team will act imediately. we were so amzed about what we heard and we went on with the sharing of food and feeling good. all things went good untill the food was almost gone, and a police (not gendarmerie!!!) car camed. this time there were 6 policemen who jumped out and asked the same question. who is your leader? so the story went almost the same. the hippy friend said what he told to the other guy, other people also went there and explained that the action is close to the end and we will soon go. the poliman said that they want to protect us from eventual aggressions from the other people who might pick on us because of the way we look or whatever. and that he respects what we're doing but w need to finish soon because they have a lot of missions and they are doing voluntary work there and are freezing (?!?). so we say that we finish soon and go home with a fifth food not bombs action with no problems. in very few minutes another police car camed and and a very big chief camed out. he gave some orders and a policemen asked for our id's, of everybody. the people who had none could go home. and they were not happy that so many of us gave the id's to them (maybe because of too much paper work for them!!!). anyway, some people got theyr id's back and others not. what happened next? 19 people got fines of 1.500.000 and one got 1.700.000, meaning about 45 euro per person. that comes in a situation where almost everybody was unemployed, student or whatever thing with no job. and that's in a country where the average salary is 100$. the action was clearly a political one, and if small policemen understood and were not pissed for giving free food to the people, the chief camed with clear orders from above and decided to punish some of the people there, so that they will remind this thing for the rest of theyr lifes: "you have the right to express your opinion, whenever we want!". people gathered after in a pub and discussed the problem, and the abc romania is officially started at this action. after spending a lot of theyr time and material and emotional resources people were still glad about the action and have no fear of the message from the state. people got more solidarity with the aactiv-ist collective and will join future actions. the police repression didn't make us weaker, but stronger and we won't stop here. abc meeting will take place on monday and decisions will be made there. we will fight all the way with all legal methods and only as a last choice we will pay the fines, which go up to 450 euros (!). there might be needed for help with 2 persons who admited theyr fact (breaking the law with intention of disrupting public order) by mistake and because of no trust to romanian justice. we will need some money, cause this people are students and have no job, so, please spread this news around and if people can help us with financial difficulties, please get in touch. also, there are 2 ways of going to court. one individually and having personal trials, and this way there are 90% chances to solve the fines with no money. and the second one is that we go and make a common complain and go to the media and stuff. this will lead to futture complications that might end with bigger trouble and money spent for lawyrs and stuff. abc groups if they could give some advices, it would be great to get in touch and give some suggestions. AACTIV-IST COLLECTIVE ABC ROMANIA