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> dear friends,
> some first short notices/results/impressions/ideas from last
> noborder-meeting, i hope some more detailed protocols will be send out
> later...
> greetings,
> hagen
> first short notices about the noborder-meeting in warsaw form 3rd til 5th
> mai 2002
> activists from poland, ukraine, belarus, lithuania, russia, austria,
> (england) and germany came together to the noborder-meeting last weekend,
> a sunny roof of a nice squat, in a pretty productive atmosphere ...
> thanks to the friends in warsaw again...
> bordercamps:
> a chain of noborder-camps will take place again this summer.
> 5. - 14th of july: nobordercamp with actions and workshops in
> north-east-poland, near to the polish-russian and polish-lithuanian
> during the week three days should focus to the border-issue (new
> visa-regulations, eu-enlargement, iom-campaign, against nationalism ...),
> two days to feminsism (women -forced- labour, stereotypes, sexism in the
> right...), two days to antifa and one day to critical/independent media...
> noborder-camp in finlandia (unfortunately nobody from finlandia
> in the meeting and we do not know the exact date, but it was confirmed,
> a camp will take place at the border to russia)
> 12. - 19th of july: 5th no one is illegal-camp in jena/thuringia/germany,
> again the internal borders will be a main topic, a strong cooperation with
> selforganisations of refugees has started, first time a few hundred
> are expected to participate ... and 19th of july a convoi will start from
> jena in direction to strasbourg...
> 19th - 28th of july: international nobordercamp in strasbourg, prepared by
> groups from various countries (france, germany,england, austria,
> ...), more than 1000 activists from all european countries are expected, a
> melting pot of antiracist and anticapitalist initiatives ...
> last weekend in july: 2nd nobordercamp in solvenia at the border to
> and croatia
> 4th - 11th of august: summercamp with a lot of cross-over-workshops (more
> theory, less actions) should take place near cottbus (not so far from
> german-polish border).
> end of august: another camp will take place in hamburg, socalled
> schill-y-out-days (referring to racist interior minsters ...)
> iom-campaign:
> after some discussions about the character of this institution and about
> projects we decided to start an information (and image-polution-) campaign
> against iom with a first newsletter, perhaps in a design, which looks like
> its own publications.
> "against transnational migration management - for freedom of movement" is
> proposed as central slogan, so iom would be the first target, but not the
> onliest in this context.
> some persons (from different countries) have taken the responsibility to
> elaborate and to edit this (8 pages) newsletter, which should include
> general information about iom, but also some examples of its concrete work
> e.g. in turkey, ukraine ..., a critical argumentation to its
> women-trafficking-projects, and of course some ideas about the starting
> campaign.
> the newsletter should be finished latest for the polish nobordercamp and
> groups want to distribute and publish these informations. in the polish
> but also in strasbourg we will make a presentation of the campaign and
> groups will prepare first actions for october, when the international
> day will take place (around 12th of october) .
> international action day:
> a short evaluation about last year has shown, that it is still
> to connect such international planned days of actions with local
> in a useful way. only a few actions took place last year in october, an
> international media attention could not be reached.
> at least in the various indymedia-projects we should be present this year,
> clear coordination and common public-work has to be established. we
> to present the idea, to meet and coordinate it in strasbourg-camp.
> as it was proposed in the noborderlist by friends from france and poland,
> the eu-enlargement should play an important role for the action day.
> somebody from warsaw will send out a first draft of a call until june.
> and as it was mentioned above, that some groups want to use the action day
> for first activities against the iom, with manifestations in front of its
> offices, posters ....
> belarus:
> it was pointed out, that the situation in belarus is more or less like a
> dictatorship and that international solidarity and public attention is
> important and necessary to change the atmosphere of isolation and
> repression.
> one actual example: an oppositional journalist is under pressure and
> threatened to be imprisoned because of critisizm against lukashenko and
> friends from belarus will send out an english summary about this case very
> soon. all other groups are asked to get public attention and, for example,
> to try to get solidarity by international journalists associations.
> chechen refugee project:
> the booklet with informations for chechen refugees (with at least
> countryreports about france, belgium, germany, finlandia and poland)
> is more or less finished, some negotations from moscow-friends with an
> adequate and interested ngo are going on to get it printed and distributed
> very soon.
> a website, which includes these informations (in russian language), is
> available too, and it is easy to add more informations from more countries
> and also to update existing reports if necessary. later on perhaps a
> version of a booklet will be useful ...
> public work concerning the general situation in chechnya and particularly
> about the situation of refugees is urgently needed and is, with exception
> poland, less developed. the open letter of chechen refugees (published in
> www.noborder.org) should be a good base to think about an intensified
> support-campaign: for example to publish articles in left wing newspapers
> (some more about background should be translated soon...) and to organize
> information-events (with existing film-material..). strasbourg-camp could
> a good place too to inform people ....
> people global action (pga)/consulta:
> in strasbourg-camp a "noborder meets pga"-event is planned and recently on
> noborderlist a friend asked to speak about this relationship and possible
> contribution in consulta-project and further cooperation, for example with
> participation in the next pga-conference in leiden/netherlands at end of
> august.
> firstly some people tried to explain the consulta project, but it seems to
> remain very abstract and too organisational for some others. also the
> experiences with and estimations about pga-projects like the indian
> were very different.
> so some people are critical about the contents and discussion-structure of
> this pga-network. others are not so much interested, because they cannot
> imagine, that such a big alliance project can really be helpful for local
> work. but another position appreciate pga as the best option (in
> to other networks like attac ...) and as an adequate framework, where
> noborder-positions concerning migration, our demands against borderregimes
> and for freedom of movement should be brought in and anchored as part of a
> comprehensive struggle for global rights.
> strasbourg-camp will give best opportunity for deeper debates about it and
> it was decided that activists from noborder should participate in the
> leiden-conference at least as "observers".
> next noborder-meeting:
> it was proposed to have the next noborder-meeting in the beginning of
> december in vienna (between anti-nato-activities in prague and the
> summit in kopenhagen), but the date as well as the place have to be
> confirmed next weeks (and latest in strasbourg).


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