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Tue, 03 Dec 2002 15:56:40 +0200

"antiglobalisation protesters detained at the police

a group formed from 5 persons tried saturday to organise a protest in piata
revolutiei (revolution square), with the ocasion of the visit of american
president george bush. around the 14:00 hours, at the control point in the
crossroad str. lutherana with calea serban voda, one of the young people
who was triying to unrole a banner was detained by the agents of the
security services. on the poster was tiped the following text: 'NO TO AN
the young person detained is named razvan marinescu, 26 years old,
economist. he declared that he's a member of a pacifist organisation who
fights against violences of any kind'. when he was asked if he's a member
of the organisation attac (an antiglobalisation movement with members in 36
countries), he declared that 'he just wants to protest peacefully against
the war'. the protester was detained and tooken to the sectia 3 politie.
around the 18:00 hours he was let free. the other 4 members weren't
about razvan marinescu we found out that he participated during the period
2000-2002, in berlin, in a project of the government of germany named
'civic initiative against rasism and right wing extremism'. during this
time he also took part to more and bigger antiglobalisation demos in the
german capital. 'all i wanted it was to demonstrate non-violent, in
conformity with my constitutional right of freedom of speach and i don't
understand why i was detained', told us razvan marinescu. at the sectia 3
of the police from bucharest there werer detained another 3 persons, a
doctor who had with him two bullets, and 2 womans who presented
psychical/mental problems.  

Romulus Cristea "

this is  translation after an article who appeared in the newspapper
romania libera (free romania), hehe.

this is the address for razvan, so if any of you want to sent solidarity
messages, or advices for the future, or whatever, fell free to do it.
in the 3rd issue of aactiv-ist newsletter there will be a more detailed
information about this topic
aactiv-ist collective


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